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Title: Hillsborough
Post by: Ballers on April 27, 2016, 05:36:21 PM
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Title: Re: Hillsborough
Post by: Mick on April 28, 2016, 01:29:14 AM
A two year inquest has determined the truth after 27 years of deceit, lies and denial...............the only thing that surprises me; is that the people of this country are both surprised and shocked at the behaviour of the 'authorities' back then and over the next twenty years that followed. They somehow find it hard to take in.

Anybody with first hand knowledge (and I mean real experience, not just hearsay) of how police forces were allowed to behave back then in this region, knew immediately that this was a cover up and that a relatively small number of drunken fans without tickets were a very convenient scapegoat for the everything else that went wrong on that dreadful day.

The one thing I am completely convinced of, and little mention of it is ever made, is that if the Forest Fans had been allocated the Leppings Lane that day, we would have seen 96 Forest fans die that day instead. That is not say the police would have behaved in a different way after the event, but I doubt the same venom would have been directed towards the deceased from Nottingham by the press and politicians.

The one good thing to come from this, is that it is unlikely to ever happen again and that we can all enjoy large sporting events, pop concerts etc. Our public servants, the police force are now more accountable and with the advent of CCTV and phone cameras etc are no longer able to just write in their notebooks what their boss tells them to write