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Altrincham FC First Team / Re: This possible insurance claim money
« on: March 10, 2022, 11:34:01 PM »
If this comes off, won't it fund a couple of years of Hybrid/FT?
I hope so as, from what we've seen this year and last, that's the best way forward.

I get the impression this is a case of claiming money we were already due in the circumstances (and may have already had to spend a large proportion of?) rather than a nice new shiny wad of money to fund us over the next couple of years?

Altrincham FC First Team / Re: Weymouth - Match Thread
« on: March 09, 2022, 12:48:44 AM »
A big game for both sides but especially for Weymouth who are drinking in the last chance saloon. Theyíve ran some of the big boys close recently but away from home itís 10 defeats out of 14 with 30 conceded & they havenít won on the road since October. That long old coach journey followed by the game tomorrow wonít help either.

Our performance since the Woking game have been very encouraging & the loanees have definitely given us an extra spark and tightened us up at the back. I think it will be tight but 2-0 Alty Iíd say which will give us the platform for 6/6 at home this week. We havenít lost a home game to anyone in our mini league (ie below Southend) in the table this season which is another encouraging factor.

You raise a good point regarding Southend, it probably puts that result a bit more into perspective now.

I disagree. Southend were weak and poor when we played them and, not for the first time in our lives, we absolutely calpolled them. Fair play to them for taking that and running with it but Iím gnashing teeth at that shower being 7 points above us. Honestly. I want 3 points in the away game tbh.

With regards to tonight, it was a very good game to just start T**tting it into the top corner from all angles a la Grays Athletic 2005 tbh.

I donít think Weymouth will catch us.

Altrincham FC First Team / Re: Can you take hot food into Moss Lane?
« on: March 09, 2022, 12:42:27 AM »
TBH the chips in the clubhouse are Ok but not a patch on the chips over the road! Up until a year or two ago we could bring them in but not now (unless you sneak em in) ha, SBL

I'd be very surprised if "The Good Catch - Award winning fish and chip shop" didnt have better chips than a football club!
Ask them to rebrand to the robins retreat and go into partnership with them at the ground on match days 😆

There were reports of a fight in a chip shop

Altrincham FC First Team / Re: Beryl Fox RIP (former club employee)
« on: March 09, 2022, 12:38:07 AM »
From what I remember, my dad held to draw in a different pub each Saturday night and on Monday we at Cheshire Printers used to print the results sheet, dadís motto was ĎIf youíre not in - you wonít winí.   A lot of money was raised for the club.

I can absolutely hear your dad saying that! Not literally as in, I was around at the time, but I can distinctly hear his tones and phrase even now 👍

Altrincham FC First Team / Re: Two things from Alty Files
« on: January 28, 2022, 03:05:47 PM »
I seem to remember being surprised about Shotton turning up at Matlock last season (and having a bit of a row as I recall). Then again, John Johnstone ended up at Kidsgrove, so I suppose these things happen. I always hoped that Kevin Ellison would come back to us at some point, but instead he carries on in the football league at 42! He must be on for some sort of record by now.

I think Matlock have quite a bit of backing behind them for that level to be honest.

Altrincham FC First Team / Re: Need a Bag Carrier?
« on: January 28, 2022, 03:04:43 PM »
I canít believe Marc Joseph played international football for anyone, small island nation or not. He was atrocious for us. Being charitable, that may have been because he was simply past his best at the age he joined us.

James Lawrie had 3 full Northern Ireland caps before joining us, so thereís him as well.

In fact, Iíd venture heíd be the international with most goals in Alty shirt.

Altrincham FC First Team / Re: News..
« on: January 07, 2022, 10:09:42 PM »
Knows Phil, great pedigree to get in county championship side, sign for fleetwood and then sign for the league again.

Hulme listed on stockport forum as tomorrows signing. will judge that in 4 weeks after hes scored 3.

Well if heís a decent cricketer that always puts someone up in my estimation 👍

Get in the off topic with Hugh.

County championship side jack

County championship


Altrincham FC First Team / Re: News..
« on: January 06, 2022, 10:14:17 PM »
Knows Phil, great pedigree to get in county championship side, sign for fleetwood and then sign for the league again.

Hulme listed on stockport forum as tomorrows signing. will judge that in 4 weeks after hes scored 3.

Well if heís a decent cricketer that always puts someone up in my estimation 👍

Altrincham FC First Team / Re: 60 years on...
« on: December 26, 2021, 08:14:22 PM »
Was Paddy Fagan in any way related to Joe Fagan and therefore Mick Fagan at all?

Altrincham FC First Team / Re: Stockport County Match Thread
« on: December 26, 2021, 08:13:24 PM »
To be fair to Thompson, his distribution is an integral part of our game. The reason a lot go astray is because heís trying to pick people out.

Iím sure if we told him just to T**t every back pass heíd have no problems whatsoever.

Yeah, today was wank but letís keep our nerve and f**k it off and move on.

Every so often this can happen, some days youíre the hammer other says youíre the nail. Iím not happy but the general direction is positive so letís crack on.

We did try to keep playing I suppose

Iím not happy clapping btw 😂

Altrincham FC First Team / Re: ground safety work
« on: December 05, 2021, 11:07:17 AM »
Iím watching the Buxton game right now.  Their perimeter fence looks identical to ours.  Fans are up against the perimeter fence at this game.   Surely the same safety rules apply at Buxton.  Has their perimeter fence been inspected and approved as a crush barrier?   Is it something to do with stewarding when it comes to being allowed on the fence?  Just wonderingÖ..

Probably won't have been considered, Buxton's av league gate is around 450.
It will be as much to keep walkways clear as loading on the fence (which is clearly not designed for such, the cross sectional area of the members alone show that).

See my previous post re the explanation given at the agm. It isnít the walkways, itís the actual fact the barriers havenít been tested as crowd barriers. And as someone else has reaffirmed, without the  council being called in this wouldnít have been checked until an actual inspection but now it has been.

Itís not the walkways issue although that would make more sense tbh

Altrincham FC First Team / Re: ground safety work
« on: November 28, 2021, 07:02:12 PM »
I donít think we will necessarily turn into a Rushden type club/atmosphere. Once this sorts itself out a bit itíll alleviate a number of problems. With so many fans and stewards in such a small space there would obviously be much more points of contact that say if the GRE was open. Youíd probably barely see or talk to a steward if we were spread out across the GRE.

I must say though. Iím slightly surprised that a few of us havenít recognised that yesterday was an almighty box ticking exercise to show TBC that it could all be stewarded effectively in order to open up further capacity for the Bromley game though? We shouldnít really be complaining that thereís no space (find some) or have to be moved 4 times. As excruciating and as frustrating as it is, it was just a hoop we needed to jump through and we needed to help the steward.

I didnít see the incidents described so Iíll leave it there but essentially guys, right now, we canít be giving the stewards an opportunity to manage a situation badly or to give TBC anything else to think about or decision to make (theyíll make a bad decision!). Did we really need someone to go in the Golf Rod ffs?

We sort of have to remember that a new stewarding group has been brought in because the previous one was deemed by TBC to not be counting people/not moving people from areas they shouldnít have been. Obviously, theyíre going to do that. We just need to suck it up for a game guys. Hopefully Nigel can feedback to them though.

One thing that has been raised is that, given the specific situation weíre in, we need some specific communication to allow us to realise what is happening and why.

As an example, the standing at the front at pitch side barriers (or not standing there now to be precise). At the AGM on Friday in aob Lawrence Looney and Neil Faulkner explained (and I think if Iím not quoting verbatim then Iím certainly paraphrasing with a large degree of confidence) that this is a new directive that for people to stand there the barriers have to be tested as crush barriers. They need strengthening to do so..

Now, football clubs are going to be checked on this when inspected but itís not an immediate thing. However, because some absolute C**t (my phrase, not from LL or NF that one 😂) has grassed us up to the council, that has been noted by them and applied.

I queried whether the issue was the walkways by the barriers were uneven/trip hazards. Itís not. Itís the strengthening reason. This can be done but the cost factor involved isnít appropriate right now. What is costing us more money is the reduced capacity. That is our priority to get it back up and then the strengthening can be looked at in the overall scheme of things.

That sort of information would show people clearly just why they are being asked to move away (if they couldnít work it out themselves) and would probably help both them and the stewards going forward so maybe thatís the level of communication we need right now.

Altrincham FC First Team / Re: Chesterfield Match Thread
« on: November 24, 2021, 09:21:04 AM »
Superb night watching the lads get a deserved point against Chesterfield at a superb stadium.
In all my years watching Alty. ( Since the late 1950s). Tonightís comeback is up there with one of the best nights Iíve had watching them..

Onwards & Upwards.

Itís striking that our style of football is bridging a fitness gap if you can be scoring injury time winners (Dag) and equalisers (last night) at the league leaders.

I think most teams there at 0-2 wouldíve (and indeed have) folded.

Edit: weíre about the third team to score an injury time equaliser at Chesterfield but the others were Torquay Bromley and Borehamwood so two top eight sides.

We need more strength in depth, or at least the resources/availability to cope.

Altrincham FC First Team / Re: ground safety work
« on: November 20, 2021, 08:13:43 AM »
Any idea who?

I have suspicions but, as Mrs Trellis alludes to, Iím not too interested in finding out who as it probably doesnít do anyone any good and it will all come out in the wash anyway. These things always do and weíve probably got more pressing matters at hand now like assuring the board with any work or sh*t shifting that needs doing.
Played a large part in costing us £80-100k though so I wonít forget that.

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