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Well, I'm glad to say I was wrong to be worried about our attendances this season.

In fact, three quarters of us were wrong, with only 25% predicting increased attendances this season! In hindsight, one could point to several reasons for this. Still, to get crowds of over 2,000 a game finishing 14th - very nearly as many as an FC Halifax Town side challenging for promotion - is remarkable. What an achievement, and what a bright future could await us. Congratulations to all who made it happen, and thank you.

Altrincham FC First Team / Re: Poll: where will Altrincham finish?
« on: Yesterday at 11:49:28 PM »
Looking again at the pre-season poll on where we will finish. Congratulations to the 12 who voted 12th to 14th. (For the record, I went for 15th to 17th - done at the last by Woking not winning!). It is interesting to note that over two thirds of the vote was for lower than we did finish, so I think the season has to rate as a success. I am happy anyway - our best points per game since 1996 (unless you count the Chester City matches in 2009 to 10, a season further complicated by Salisbury being kicked out).

Far too early for a poll for next season, but if the transition to full time goes smoothly, hopefully we can improve again. and we should be better equipped to cope with a challenging financial climate than some clubs.

Altrincham FC First Team / Re: ALTY BEER FESTIVAL 2022
« on: Yesterday at 11:23:34 PM »
Dunham do an Alty Ale.

Donít think our beers come from Thwaites Steve, their beers are mainly brewed by Marstons these days.

They used to do "Altrincham Pilsner" but I wasn't aware of one since then.

Altrincham FC First Team / Re: ALTY BEER FESTIVAL 2022
« on: May 14, 2022, 10:46:15 PM »
I must say I'm glad to see the Dunham Brewery represented. I've always felt that I'd like to see their beers on sale at the bar. They sell     
one of their beers (XPA) at the Swan with Two Nicks, and jolly nice it is too. I remember they made one for Bowdon church once to commemorate something. Maybe we could commission them to do one for the club one of these days? Definitely if we get in the FL!

Altrincham FC First Team / Re: current rivals
« on: May 14, 2022, 02:43:28 AM »
Mousehole....squeak....I see what you did there 😉

That reminds me, when Keynsham were due to play there midweek recently, they complained that it was further to go there than to go to Manchester. For a step five team! I suppose these geographically peripheral areas will always be problematic. Still, if it was up to me, I would allow leagues like that to reduce to ten or twelve teams to reduce travelling, at least at step 6. I suppose it would muck up the pure pyramid if they did it at step 5. (To be fair, the South Western League does have East and West divisions.

Wasn't so long ago that Carlisle City were having to travel to Oswestry in the North West Counties second division. Things are a little better now (well, apart from the Isle of Man). Still, there's perhaps one or two more things that could be changed at steps five and six.

Altrincham FC First Team / Re: current rivals
« on: May 13, 2022, 10:34:24 PM »
Yes the main stand at Springfield Park with the snack bar and bar inside up a flight of stairs then walking out to the seats blew my teenage mind. I was very jealous especially as our main stand hadn't been extended at that point and only had plank seats.
Have always resented Wigan since then! 🙄
To my mind, the only one of our historic rivals who were clearly a bigger (but not better) club than us.

Yes, Wigan used to get some ridiculous crowds in the FA cup for a non-league team. They probably should've been voted in years earlier, but the FL had only been voting in Southern clubs since 1958, with some clubs seemingly unhappy about a national 4th and 3rd division.

A similar situation to the Northeast in non-league (and Cornwall, but fortunately that seems to be being put right now, with two more Northern League teams promoted, and Falmouth doing really well this season, and the likes of Mousehole could squeak into the Southern League in the future.

Altrincham FC First Team / Re: current rivals
« on: May 13, 2022, 02:15:54 AM »
And Bangor .

My first ever Alty match back in 1990.

I'd love to know why Barrow took us so seriously. That inhaler...

Altrincham FC First Team / Re: current rivals
« on: May 13, 2022, 02:14:16 AM »
That reminds me, there seems to be an official Alty's rivals league for next season, with one of the Northwiches, new-club Macc, Witton and Runcorn Linnets all in the same league, plus Mossley as an added bonus (I'd love to hear about that 78/79 season - how good were Mossley?).

I understand Chester are desperate to be our rivals, but personally I don't take it much more seriously than I did Stalybridge (though I must admit I always like to beat the 1978 to 1987 FL racket).

I'd keep 15 of the squad:
Thompson (Drench), Mullarky, Morgan, Cooper, Jones, Perritt, Ferguson,
Mooney, Kosylo, Colclough, Pringle, Marriott, Osborne, Hulme

Happy to stay, expect may go: White, Densmore, Gould, Moult, Hancock.

Lose: Hampson, Hannigan, Densmore, Sutton, Digie, Morgan, Jackson.

Unsure: Hall, Miller, Dinanga

Think this is fairly accurate, albeit there may be the odd surprise departure. The players in the squad in the autumn of their careers such as Moult, Densmore, Sutton I canít see this being right for them and the slightly younger ones who we know have good jobs outside of football-Hancock & Hannigan spring to mind-again part time probably suits their lifestyle better. Iím sure thereís quite a few Conference North/NPL sides who read our announcement with interest.

The spine of the team now Thompson-Mullarkey-Marriot/Osborne-Hulme I would expect all to be here next season. Hopefully both Colclough & Mooney but you can see us losing one of those two. I wonder who Stockport wonít be taking with them to League 2 as well-must be some opportunities there perhaps. All in all Iíd expect a younger more stable squad with fewer ins and outs & loans next season. The fact that weíve known since early March that we werenít going down means weíve had plenty of time to track players & move quickly in the summer I hope.

Interesting if people take it for granted that Hulme will leave Fylde for us. Does anyone know anything for certain about this - or may it depend on whether Fylde win the play-offs?

Altrincham FC First Team / Re: Moving On
« on: May 13, 2022, 02:01:12 AM »
Surprised by Thompson going

Speaking of TT, does anyone know if fellow scaffolder John King is anything to do with the Liverpool scaffolding company of the same name? I imagine him as the sort of person who might run his own company.

Altrincham FC First Team / Re: County
« on: May 13, 2022, 01:58:44 AM »
I suspect a lot depends on whether Halifax go for third (and thus one game less for promotion) or save for the play-offs. At any rate, they're one of the few teams in this league who ought to have a chance of beating County, so far from certain.

Altrincham FC First Team / Re: End of Season Awards - Fans Votes
« on: May 13, 2022, 01:54:09 AM »
Me too. And I'm keeping my choices to myself 😉

Was VERY tempted to vote for Tom Peers to tease HashtagAlty. 😂😂❎

You are a VERY bad man! LOL

I wasn't going to mention Kennedy Digie but...

The "divot" goal was Chesterfield. You're the second person I know of to forget the opposition, which I find slightly surprising as they are a massive club for this league. Just goes to show the quality of this league these days, I guess.

If I could vote for best away fans, it may well be Chesterfield (and not least  for their excellent rendition of the "zigger zagger" song) - at least, up to the divot goal...

Altrincham FC First Team / Re: TOP OF THE NATIONAL LEAGUE
« on: April 25, 2022, 11:32:21 PM »
Lots of ex League clubs below us too. York, Kidderminster, Southport, Gateshead, Boston, Hereford, Bradford PA, Chester, Darlington, Bury, and errrmmm Macclesfield.

Don't forget Gainsborough Trinity and Glossop! 😉

Or South Shields, Gateshead, Washington, Aberdare Athletic.....

South Shields, I think, actually finished above Manchester United one season. I reckon there's massive potential for that club (South Shields that is, though I dare say there is for Manchester United too!).

By my reckoning there are 14 teams from the 1978-1987 racket who are currently not in the football league. I must say that the introduction of automatic promotion has bee n a huge success for all clubs involved. Every single club relegated from the league (rather than being voted out) currently playing in the non-league (with the exception of AFC Rushden and Diamonds, who are hardly a typical example) is getting average crowds over 1,000. This was hardly ever the case in the election days. Overall crowds have been boosted in both football league and non-league. Almost every season, the average crowds for the new clubs (i.e. not in the FL 1978-1987) has been around 3,000 or more, which compares favourably with the smaller football league clubs in the 1970's and 1980's. In the non-league, we have average crowds in the National League ov over 3,000, higher  than in the 4th division at the end of the election era; average crowds over 1,000 at step two; over 600 in the NPL Premier (higher than when we won that league in 1999); and over 400 in the NPL West, approximately equivalent to the NW Counties league of the 1980's.

As for the old days, it always astonished me that New Brighton had two separate clubs in the football league, and now have to make do with a West Cheshire league team!

Non Altrincham FC Talk / Some people apparently really believe this.
« on: February 05, 2022, 01:47:14 AM »

I on the other hand don't believe this and am concerned about teenagers being banned from some matches based on their medical choices. If they've looked at the evidence and want to take a medication, fine. But if they are doing it so they can go to a match, that is a concern to me. This relates to football, and indeed apparently to certain matches Altrincham have played (Notts County?) - though thankfully apparently no longer. That's why I have raised this point in this non-Altrincham f.c. talk section. Now maybe I have no need to be concerned. But without knowing what is actual evidence, and with the things I have seen giving cause for concern, I feel it is right to raise this point. The welfare of the young is for me of the utmost importance, and as some of them may have been making medical decisions based on access to football matches, I feel it is reasonable to raise this here. If there is evidence, actual evidence  that there is no cause for concern based on actual statistics relating to medical events that have been occurring over the past few years, with information about gender, medical status, age and so on, and if someone can give me a source providing all this information and more, I will go and research it and if it answers my concerns satisfactorily, maybe I can leave it at that. But unitl then, I will continue to be concerned.

Non Altrincham FC Talk / Re: The Earth is flat & Digie for England
« on: February 05, 2022, 12:40:49 AM »
I found a very interesting article the other day, commenting on some work done by a learned group at the University of Malta, following research done by 50 universities. How good is that?

It would seem to uphold my long-held belief that the earth is flat - why else would they have throw-ins at football matches? No club can afford to keep losing balls over the edge.

The article is here:

Obviously I canít prove this but there must be some truth in it. Why else would people keep disappearing off the planet? Clearly there is some strange phenomenon at work - some people call it death - but I donít subscribe to the view that people get ill and die. No, they get too close to the edge and fall off.

Horses do too.  Where is Shergar? And Chris Senior? What more proof do we all need?

This article is good too:

Ah, reminds me of the days when we used to have fake Alty sites set up by Runcorn supporters. I think it was people like that who eventually made registration necessary. But never mind, they were very very funny...

I understand that in the past, poison pen type stuff used to be illegal, but apparently it's big and clever theses days, because people are  so much wiser and more civilised now. Or something.

And no word on what counts as actual evidence either. Another person who's all mouth.

Seriously, you want nuts, take a look at Scotland's first minister cutting the bottom off classroom doors!

I know what I've seen since 12 June 2021 (16 months after this virus was detected in the UK). I know I didn't see it in the 16 months before then. Yes there was less (but not no) football and fans before then. But an article from August 2020 about covid causing myocarditis, while a start does not answer all my questions. Any useful information is welcome. However, larking about is the modern equivalent of fiddling while Rome burns.

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