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1  General Category / Altrincham FC First Team / technical area on: October 27, 2012, 07:00:09 PM
has the manager been banned from entering the technical area? on tuesday evening he spent the whole 90 mins sat down. are there heated seats , or is he meerly  exhausted after the commute from Hull  three times weekly?
lets be candid, we are not improving,  and we need to bite the bullet on what looks to be a niave appointment. Gary Lowe was there again on tuesday and should have got it last time out
2  General Category / Altrincham FC First Team / Gary Lowe on: August 25, 2012, 06:59:12 PM
after todays spineless performance someone has to make the ultimate call and make the change. Unfortunately, i dont see the current chairman having the stomach / courage , and

so unfortunately the problem looks like lurching on. If the change isn't imminent, this will become  a relegation scrap.
3  General Category / Altrincham FC First Team / Re: "le sulk " on: February 13, 2011, 12:06:57 PM
whilst i was nrear the incident  i certainly didnt hear anything.  i was merely commenting on the reaction from Kidderminster fans and some of the players.  Smith is one of our best players and i doubt anything was said.  it does need clearing up
4  General Category / Altrincham FC First Team / Re: And so to Tuesday... on: February 12, 2011, 09:18:15 PM
2nd was deffo keepers fault
5  General Category / Altrincham FC First Team / "le sulk " on: February 12, 2011, 08:54:12 PM
woeful first 30mins , and superb battling 2nd half.  this was just like the english weather.

Smith has been our best player over the last 2 years, but from what i saw he was guilty today of racial abuse.  i was near the incident, and clearly this is not acceptable.  The club need to clarify this, and indeed if he was sent off for racist remarks, should not play again for this club. He completely lost it last 20mins.

Young was  M.O.M by a country mile
6  General Category / Altrincham FC First Team / Re: Game On? on: February 05, 2011, 10:05:04 AM
extremeley doubtful. just been down to the lane , and a good third of pitch with inch of standing water.

rain will need to stop within the hour for any chance
7  General Category / Altrincham FC First Team / Hewson on: February 02, 2011, 08:43:25 PM
had a very good game last night, and was MOM. Has made rapid progress over the last 6 games, and has genuine ability. So comfortable on the ball, likes

to get it down and pick a pass, and because of his touch makes time for himself. Hardly misplaced a pass all night, and his fitness is coming up to speed. This guy SHOULD be on a 2

yr contract otherwise is going to get picked off easily.

Sat in the mainstand it was nice to hear most Wrexham fans have become humbled by their 2 year odyssey in BSP. Gave a lot of credit to our performance 2nd half .
8  General Category / Altrincham FC First Team / Re: weekend ramblings on: January 30, 2011, 08:16:30 PM
forgot to mention their scoreboard, erected in one corner... its 100ft high and worthy of the premiership!

whats going on, the whole thing is sureal. r they hoping to eclipse Bloomfield rd ?
9  General Category / Altrincham FC First Team / weekend ramblings on: January 30, 2011, 07:11:29 PM
having visited " Highbury" for the first time on saturday, i cannot believe what a souless place it is , completely devoid of atmosphere. They have obviously picked up a few new supporters over the last couple of years, but they will need to import a few more if the new 4.1 m investment is not going to be a white elephant. What a monstrous site it is going to be, completely dwarfing the other stands and surrounding terraced houses. If i were them i would be thinking of investing in some new players to get out of this league before constructing that thingy! The first half was possibly the worse i have ever seen in BSP, although second half was pretty good and their LB scored the goal of the season from 30yds.
Clancy was good.

how bad are Forest Green? they couldnt muster a shot on target, and their 28 supporters were less than impressed.cant see them escaping the drop either.

After todays FA Cup draw ,as a holder of 4 season tkts at O.T, i am obliged to give 130 towards the crawley bandwagon. This is particularily distasteful and distressing and they take the money automatically. what should i do?
10  General Category / Altrincham FC First Team / Re: joseph is a liability on: January 19, 2011, 07:05:41 AM
i was in line with the incident ,albeit on the opposite side of pitch.There was head simulation from joseph,although there cant of been contact. It didnt appear to be a  chris senior moment vs mansfield. the closest to the incident were the linesman and ken mc, who were only feet away. whatever, it was totally unwarranted ,and was so soon after perry came on, it looked like an old score being settled

the rest of the team fought like lions after, and Hewson has got bags of ability

unless we can get the ball down and into his feet, Baynes will be a luxury for the rest of the season
11  General Category / Altrincham FC First Team / Re: Reeves on: January 18, 2011, 11:42:39 PM
good poachers goal at the far post tonight
12  General Category / Altrincham FC First Team / joseph is a liability on: January 18, 2011, 11:19:11 PM
absolutely shocking headbut which cost us 2 points. there is no hiding place , it was unprovoked and malicious. Credit to Perry for not making a meal of it

Superb effort by the rest of the team. Reeves and Densmore were right on it tonight, with the fast improving Hewson , who got the ball down and tried to play.

72 from altrincham
13  General Category / Altrincham FC First Team / Re: Alty v York on: December 25, 2010, 09:55:25 AM
forcast is now + 5c tuesday in bowdon .  the game will almost certainly get the go ahead
14  General Category / Altrincham FC First Team / Re: kens clipboard on: November 21, 2010, 04:57:09 PM
spending circa 10k  on overnighters in a season is simply  a waste of money. That sort of money is better directed at signing a forward.

historical results against teams outside a 150 mile radius prove that we win more away games on daytrips than on overnighters
15  General Category / Altrincham FC First Team / kens clipboard on: November 21, 2010, 12:57:02 PM
he always looks ultra proffessional with his clipboard and sharp pencil. What does he write on it?  is it to keep score or perhaps to count the bucket collection for the overnighters?

Ken has put us in a far better position than we were. the last 3 results are irrelevant, we were always going to struggle in these matches. mckenna and bimson are both very good coaches,and with patience will deliver.

But please kenny, no more overnighters, they are a waste of  a grand.

todays NLP reports the game as "surely the most one sided game ever seen at the Broadfield stadium"    can anyone who went confirm this as a "typo"
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